Radiant Health Saunas Showcases Elite Series Far Infrared Sauna Models

Radiant Health Saunas announced the introduction of the company’s new Elite Series. Specifically developed for maximum safety and efficiency the series features four models ranging from cozy 1-person saunas designed for small spaces to comfortable 4-person saunas for those who wish to share the experience with family and friends. Click here to visit Radiant Health Saunas online showroom and learn more about what the new Elite Series has to offer.

“The team here at Radiant Health Saunas could not be prouder of what we’ve created in the Elite Series models. Having dealt with debilitating muscle soreness in the past, I know what it’s like to face serious health challenges. It turns out I was high in toxins and heavy metals.

Gomm continued, “Motivated to help others, I have designed and